Medical Malpractice

​Having spent the majority of his over-30-year career trying medical malpractice cases on behalf of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, Bob learned and effectively used every weapon in the defense arsenal to win jury verdicts for his clients.  He has also had the opportunity over the years to face some of the best lawyers in the country in court.  As a result, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of medicine as well as the most effective strategies for successfully handling cases in this highly specialized area of the law.  He has won verdicts in cases dealing with virtually every area of medicine from Allergy to Zoster infections and has given lectures to other lawyers in his field.  Bob now uses this wealth of experience and unique perspective to fight on behalf of the victims of medical negligence and their families.  Wouldn't you want someone who knows the other side's playbook inside and out to be working for you?  Bob was chosen by Medical Malpractice Lawyers​, an independent national publication, as among the top 1% of trial lawyers for medical malpractice in New York State. 

If you believe that you or someone you love has been harmed or killed as the result of improper medical care, contact us for a free consultation.