Areas of Practice

Medical Malpractice

Having spent the majority of his over-25-year career trying medical malpractice cases on behalf of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers, Bob learned and effectively used every weapon in the defense arsenal to win jury verdicts for his clients.  He has also had the opportunity over the years to face some of the best lawyers in the country in court.  As a result, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of medicine as well as the most effective strategies for successfully handling cases in in this highly specialized area of the law.


Personal Injury

For over 25 years, Bob has spent his legal career mostly defending personal injury and medical negligence claims. He learned, developed and successfully used "every weapon in the arsenal" to win scores of verdicts in court on behalf of the insurance companies or their insureds. Now, Bob uses his experience and first-hand knowledge of the techniques used by the defense to deny claims in order to all the more effectively fight on behalf of the victims of negligence.

Nursing Home Negligence

As an experienced trial lawyer who successfully tried scores of cases involving medical negligence, for over 25 years, Bob has gained extensive knowledge in various areas of medicine, including the unique medical issues and challenges found in cases of the neglect and/or abuse of the elderly. After having used his knowledge and expertise to defend health care providers and facilities accused of negligence, Bob has decided to marshal his talents and efforts to help the victims of negligence and their families.